Ava Aston is an award winning song writer, recording artist and actor who desires to spread an authentic positive message. 
She lives to create and perform music that makes you feel something, music that makes you smile... 
She’s on a mission to inspire virtue by bringing it back to the entertainment industry, and more importantly back into pop culture. 

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Make your voice heard.  Let’s remind our elected officials they work for us!

Join Ava and SHARE the message of “We The People” Today!

It’s not about “Left” or “Right”, it’s about Right and Wrong. 

Help Ava Share the song and it’s message with American’s everywhere.

Let’s show Washington that we are Paying Attention.  This country is Ours and we’re taking it back!

....We The People!

Ava Aston's original song and music video for We The People a patriotic American Anthem style song about what is right and wrong in America today and how we need to stand up and take our country back to the principles it was founded under.
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